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Status Certificate Request from Parkside Property Management

Instructions - Please Read Before Beginning


Please complete all details in the below form. Missing information may result in a delay in processing your order. Do not use commas or apostrophes.

The status certificate will be delivered via email with download instructions. Providing an accurate email address will ensure timely service. If there are multiple email addresses for one individual, please separate them using ; (semicolon).

After submitting, you should receive an email confirmation with a serial number. Please reference this serial number on any future communications about your order. If you do not receive an email confirmation, your order has not been submitted. Please try again, and contact us if you require assistance.


The Condominium Act allows for 10 days to provide a status certificate. We strive to provide standard status certificate requests within 6 business days. If you require the status certificate in a tighter timeframe, you may expedite your order at an additional cost. Please note that payment must be received in full to process your status certificate request.

All orders are final, and payment is non-refundable. Please check with all parties involved in the unit sale before ordering your status certificate. Parkside Property Management cannot provide you with details on the orders of other parties.

Change of Owners

Please refer any potential purchasers to our FAQ page to assist in a smooth transition to condominium living.

Please ensure the purchaser of the unit receives a copy of the status certificate, including the Owner Information Form, PAD Form, Rules, and the Condo Buyer’s Guide.

Please ensure the seller provides the purchaser with all keys, including mailbox keys, upon sale. We do not have spare keys.

If any of the details of the sale change, please let our office know so we may update our records accordingly. This includes a change in closing date, purchaser, lawyer, or if the sale has closed or fallen through

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  Required time frame 3 - 5 business days: add $56.50

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Please note all Status Certificate Requests will not be processed internally until payment is received in full